Unleash the most and best

information and ideas from your team, company, and beyond.

Here's why

Information and ideas are the lifeblood of any company. We believe it's about time you have a tool to help maximize such a valuable asset.

Here's how

We’ve built the only cloud-based app that alleviates the challenges that make ideation and creativity difficult in a team setting. By leveraging the power of anonymity, employees can launch ideas without the fear of failure or judgment, and ideas are recognized based on merit, not on the popularity of the idea creator or on an internal pecking order.

As a result, teams produce a higher quantity and quality of ideas and information.

It all starts with a stream - a question, prompt, or topic. That stream progresses through 4 stages:

  1. Launch

    The stream creator invites participants to anonymously create and launch baloons (e.g., ideas, creative content).

  2. Evolve

    The team collaborates in real-time and builds upon each others’ ideas by anonymously evolving launched baloons.

  3. Pump

    Each participant anonymously pumps the baloons that they like, support, or want to see put into action.

  4. Explore

    Participants are able to see and explore the top baloons. This is also the only point at which participants can remove anonymity and take credit for any of the baloons they’ve launched.

It’s simple, flexible, and fun. It’s for small teams and large teams.
It’s for the entire company…everyone.

Give everyone an equal voice. Replace inefficient email threads. Participate in daily, creative exercises. Solicit input from customers, partners, and clients to ensure products and services aren’t developed in a bubble. Gather information for a quick deadline or ideas for an upcoming hackathon. Throw around features for your next code push. Come to consensus on tough issues. Complete a week-long, company-wide innovation challenge. Pick a location for lunch or plan an upcoming retreat.

Don’t be fooled by appearances. Baloonr is playful, but underneath it's built on science and research in the areas of creativity, brainstorming, ideation, and innovation.

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