Remove bias from group work and decision-making.

An app to level the playing field

Our customers say that using Baloonr is like putting on glasses for the first time.

I found Baloonr invaluable for getting me to insights I have never received in teaching this course 6 times. Before launching on Baloonr, I facilitated a session (asking questions and show of hands) and missed the things that surfaced on Baloonr.

Martin SchrayMicrosoft

Baloonr was at the center of a better and more innovative student course experience. Students produced more ideas, we captured and managed those ideas more easily and students felt more bought into the process of proposing and selecting projects.

Jeremy AlexisIllinois Institute of Technology

Baloonr helps to "level the playing field" and gives everyone an opportunity to voice their feelings and opinions. With Baloonr, we’ve been able to come to consensus on departmental issues without needing to call another meeting. In fact, I cancelled the last one...

Carl L. Hanson, Ph.D.Brigham Young University

We help you...

Eliminate Group Dynamics

  • Seniority
  • Titles
  • Culture and Politics
  • Vendor + Client Relations

Overcome Logistical Challenges

  • Distributed Team
  • Analog Processes
  • Offsite Vendors + Partners
  • Ineffective Tools you get the best and most information, feedback, and ideas from your group.

Start Baloonrs.

Start a baloonr for a question, a topic, a project, or anything.

Invite any group of any size to participate. That invited group goes through an anonymous, bias-free process that is ridiculously efficient.

Surface Information.

Real-time, anonymous collaboration means that you get the information that you can’t get any other way. No pleasantries wasting time and no identities holding people back or influencing discussions.

Identify Priorities, Trends, and Actionable Solutions.

Baloonr removes all bias from voting. You don’t know how others are leaning, and you don’t know whose information you are reviewing. Groups are able to identify priorities, reach decisions, and define solutions in the most fair, efficient, and accurate way.

Credit Where Credit Is Due.

Optionally remove anonymity at the end of a baloonr and link any piece of your information or feedback with your name. It’s up to you - you can always remain anonymous on Baloonr.

“If knowledge is power, Baloonr may hold the keys to the kingdom. Because today, it's what you don't know that you don't know that can kill your business in no time at all.”

Howard Tullman, April 2016

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